Venue Dressing Service

“It’s important to give your loved one the tribute they deserve  . . . we understand this”


Helping you plan and create the perfect floral themes for your chosen venue

A thoughtfully designed floral theme is often requested by families for the funeral venue. It adds warmth, character and comfort. Arrangement options include adornments for tables, chairs or pews, window sills and architectural features. Plus free-standing arrangements, vases and pedestals.

Making it easier for you

Organising a funeral service can be very stressful. Funeral Flowers London strives to guide you every step of the way. Our aim is to alleviate the stress of organising a funeral, including the venue dressing, wherever we can. We will work with the venue to prepare arrangements for your arrival. The service is discrete and professional and always conducted with great sensitivity and empathy.

A bespoke venue dressing service

We understand that people have different requirements. Funerals can be stately and grand or discrete and personal. Our wide range of floral options will allow you to create your ideal setting. Combine with choices of favourite bloom and colours to give that important personal feel.  Our venue dressing service will enable you to create the perfect setting for saying goodbye.

Craftsmanship par excellence

The arrangements for the venue dressings are crafted to the same high standards as that of our floral tributes. We are dedicated to you to create beautiful, highly effective floral designs perfectly matched to your unique requirements. Whether it’s traditional or contemporary, we have the experience, skill and passion craft to your tastes.

What our customers say:

“Mr Green and his staff were on hand to provide advice, and support regarding flora funeral arrangements, which I had no knowledge of.   This played a significant part in minimising the stress of dressing the church and decorating of the hall for the wake.” – Fay A

“…the flowers arrived well ahead of time personally delivered and finished off to perfection.” – Mrs B


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