How to choose the right funeral flowers

Funeral Flowers Buying Guide

Flowers have the ability to express what words cannot. They provide friends and family with the opportunity to honour a life in a way that can be highly personalised and unique, sometimes including colours, symbols, shapes and signs that have a special meaning between individuals and the deceased.

It is common practice for immediate family to select the funeral casket flowers, but this isn’t always an easy decision as the choice is vast. Whether you opt for traditional casket sprays or something more specific, such as inside casket flowers, adornments, pillows or rosaries, we are on hand to guide you in your selection process.

A Few Pointers

When making a decision about funeral flowers, there are many things to consider and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Here are some pointers to help you through the process:

  • Try not to worry about the end result
  • Think of things that remind you of your loved one or represent their life, loves and values. It could be their favourite flower, favourite colour, or a cross and rosary to reflect their faith
  • Don’t do it on your own. If you can, get friends and family involved. If this is an issue, give us a call and we’ll happily help you
  • Consider other options, such as flowers inside the casket. This can be a touching way to show how much they mean to you


Floriography: The Language of Flowers

The art of floriography has been practised for many hundreds of years and is used in different scenarios. It is known as the Language of Flowers because it ascribes multiple meanings to the blooms of earth. It can be a great starting point if you’re having trouble making a decision. Especially if you don’t want to make arbitrary choices, but rather choose something that has real meaning.

Here are a few suggestions from the The Language of Flowers:

  • Whites Lilies represent purity and majesty.
  • Chrysanthemums symbolize friendship.
  • Sweet Pea means ‘Goodbye’
  • Gladiolas represent strong character
  • Red Roses and carnations reflect love


The most important thing is to be true to yourself and select flowers that represent your feelings. It’s a hugely personal choice, so don’t feel pressurised into choosing something just because someone tells you to. Go with what feels right.

We have a lot of experience creating highly personalised funeral flowers including casket sprays, adornments, inside casket flowers, standing sprays and venue flower dressings.

We offer a wide range of flower designs and prices to suit every requirement. Our online facilities mean that during this very difficult time you can make the necessary flower arrangements without having to leave your home.

We are always available on the telephone should you have any questions or want to discuss anything you’ve seen on our website: 0203 633 2540

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