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Funeral Flowers London offers a variety of funeral flowers to meet all of your needs; stunning casket sprays and arrangements are available in a wide assortment of flowers and price ranges.

Help & Advice Choosing a Floral Tribute

Flowers at funerals celebrate life, give comfort, and honour the deceased all at the same time. With blooms and colours that were special to the deceased, the floral tribute is a personal and unique way of representing that person as they begin their final journey. The simple gesture of giving flowers can convey the deepest of sympathies and offer great support to someone in mourning.

Help for choosing your tribute style

Casket sprays are generally chosen by immediate family members. Often the family may also choose in-casket adornments such as flower pillows: small bouquets and pillows that lay inside the casket make touching displays from grandchildren and remind others of just how much the deceased was loved.

Little touches like inside-casket flowers go far in showing just how much the deceased was thought of.

Friends and other family members may prefer to choose a different style of floral tribute to show respect to the deceased’s family. Traditional wreaths and posies are elegant and regal and would befit any funeral service. Sprays and baskets finished in choice blooms can make very graceful and contemporary tributes.


Advice for choosing flowers for your tribute

The language of flowers is called floriography. Often people choose blooms for their tributes based on what each flower symbolises. For example, gladiolas and calla lilies would represent a beautiful person strong in character. White lilies symbolise purity and majesty, and they are a popular choice for funerals. Red flowers such as the traditional red roses and red carnations symbolise love; sweet peas mean goodbye and chrysanthemums say “you’re a wonderful friend”.


Advice for choosing funeral venue dressing flowers

In additional to personal floral tributes, Funeral Flowers London also offer a venue dressing service.

Our venue dressing service will add a distinct and regal ambience to the funeral venue. When the flowers are coordinated with the family’s choice for the casket spray, the venue can be transformed into a peaceful and serene setting.

Architectural details can be decorated with flowers such as window sills, pulpits, fireplaces and pews. Free-standing sprays can also be used plus vase and pedestal arrangements. Every venue is different, every funeral is unique. We can help dress any venue to give you the setting your loved one would have treasured.


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