Wreaths Delivered In London

The custom of giving flowers has been around for thousands of years. There’s plenty of evidence to show this tradition was around in ancient China, Greece and Egypt. Back then, it was thought that flowers could express individual emotions- something which is still the case today. Greek mythology is also filled with gods and goddesses that are represented by flowers.

Sending flowers has always been a meaningful way to show sympathy, especially for someone who has suffered a death.

Lilies are traditionally associated with this kind of event, as they suggest the soul of the deceased returning to a state of innocence. Roses, meanwhile, are the ultimate symbol of spirituality and purity. Chrysanthemums represent optimism and joy, and are therefore wonderful for giving hope for the future.

If you want to give this classic gift, and need your wreath delivered in London, consider Funeral Flowers London.

Our collection includes many classic wreathes, including our beautiful Classic Pink Wreath, with a mass of double spray chrysanthemums and pink and white roses, finished with a pink ribbon. This is a beautiful wreath with which to express sympathy this spring.

Along with these stunning wreaths, we also offer classic pillows and cushions. Each wreath can be personalised with any message of condolence, and be delivered anywhere in London, whether to somebody’s home or office.

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